Features Overview

In selected rooms we have in room casting, this allows you to watch selected apps from your mobile device onto the tv. 

These instructions are only applicable to the rooms with Chromecast facility.


Step 1

Connect to our Wifi Network Motel W, password is texted to your phone or is found in your confirmation email


Step 2

Download and install Google Home app 


Step 3

Connect to Chromecast of your room , ie Room 10 would be Room 10 Cast TV in the google home app

Step 4

Open your selected streaming app and select something to watch then click the cast logo in the corner, be sure to select your TV in the cast list


Further Help

Chromecast works with most but not all devices please see your devices website for full compatibility and see googles support section if you are having issues with casting.

Please note as these are a network asset it is possible someone can accidentally cast to your tv, please un plug the usb cord if you are concerned as this disables power from the device

Motel Wellington offers no guarantee that your device, app & Chromecast are compatible and all casting is done over a wifi network